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Roidat Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. is one of the distinguished companies in the field of construction in Saudi Arabia and was established in 1423H.
Roidat Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. is currently one of the leading companies in the field of construction, contracting and maintenance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is distinguished in the Gulf region where it has current and future projects. The company has executed many projects in Saudi Arabia. Projects implemented by the company, including private projects for senior investors and other government agencies belonging to different agencies in each country and due to the credibility of the company in its dealings and fulfill its promises have been assigned to implement many of the projects Mieh at the time of standard time and the highest quality, according to the approved standard specifications.
The company also includes other sectors that support the construction sector, including telecommunications, security and safety systems, and the mechanical, electromechanical and electrical sectors
The company also has an integrated factory for the supply of prefabricated concrete in the city of Taif with the standard specifications approved by various government agencies.
And also to forget the presence of a technical team at the highest level in the field of maintenance and cleaning of construction projects supported the highest human experience in the fields of electromechanics with equipment and tools specially equipped for maintenance and cleaning.
And finally, not only ,,, and that through our experience of more than 15 years in the field of construction projects, maintenance and cleaning of the buildings, we have done, thank God, in the satisfaction of all those we have dealt with in government agencies and we are still serious in developing ourselves for the best and to make more efforts to upgrade At the level of the company, we hope that God will succeed and repay, and that our work in the first and last will be pleasing to his honorable face and then satisfy our customers from different parties.

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